The next attack on the Bolivarian Revolution has begun!

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The next attack of the "Opposition", of the United States, against the Bolivarian Revolution has begun already; during the following days, the national and international conspiracy, especially by means of the mass media, will take on form again. The Government is already summoning the masses to take to the streets of Caracas, "celebrating the first half of Chávez' current government term"; in reality, it's about organizing and mobilizing the popular defence of the democratic Constitution, against all possible new murderous, destabilization manoeuvres.

Nationally and internationally, with the open help of the USA and their puppet governments and institutions in the region, the "Opposition" --additionally aided by its own reactionary national press, TV propaganda and manipulation machinery --, since months has prepared itself for yet another coup assault, under the coverage of a "recall referendum", which it is aware it couldn´t ever win, and the possible realization of which has been permanently boycotted by the very "opposition" so they could cast the blame on the Chávez government, a distortion of reality which the international press will disseminate around the globe, painting the picture of a dangerous, undemocratic, tyrannic and dictatorial Chávez.

Exactly because of the desperation of the national "golpistas", of the urgency for the USA to have "regime change" here, and officially trying to connect Chávez to "terrorists", to the guerrilla forces in Colombia, and even to Arab "terrorists", and probably having supplied the golpistas with all the necessary funds, arms and technological equipment, this time, the correlation of forces spells a fierce, violent confrontation, that will verge on civil war, exactly what the USA and the "opposition" need for foreign military intervention. Until now, the government intelligently has evaded this scenario, this trap, however, when full spectrum dominance is hell bent on annihilating a most dangerous opponent, a paradigm for the oppressed world, then, the enemy himself chooses the weapons of "peace", the forms of violence, and the only thing left for Venezuela is full spectrum self-defence, with its democratic constitution in the hands of millions of people.

Thus, friends, beware, we are entering a decisive era of Venezuelan and Latin American history. Jacta est alea, the fascist dice are cast. Tomorrow it will be Syria, North Korea, Iran, ... We call for international solidarity in defence of the Bolivarian Revolution. The way it is being attacked indicates its emancipatory worth and value for mankind.

¡Hasta la Victoria siempre!
¡Por Ahora, A Paso De Vencedores!

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